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Spring Fling 3-Ring Tactcal Eco-Circus Tombstone Apocalyptic Organic Sporting Clays Tournament!

Auction and Gifting

Come and participate in an extraordinary auction of over 100 items to some lucky bidders. In addition, there will be free giveaways and valuable gift items for every registered participant.

Super Pet! Belgian shepherd puppy with advanced training provided Falco K-9 Academy
Super Pet! Belgian shepherd puppy with advanced training provided Vigilant K-9 Services
Once in a lifetime Brazilian Amazon fishing trip on exotic yacht with gourmet chef for all meals Jim Kern / Captain Peacock
Glorious Canadian 2 province hunting trip -- duck, goose, elk, white tail hunting with superb fishing throughout Rod & Logan Hunter
Montana 5 day/night family of 8 stay includes sporting clays, fly fishing, ATV riding, local rodeo (extras to come) Ranches @ Belts Creek
Make happy hour any hour with dinner for 8 at Buddha's Belly Restaurant Buddha's Belly
Abject romantacism dinner for 4 Blue Plate Oysterette Restaurant Blue Plate Oysterette
7 day jungle / trans-equator surivial training with filming (extras to come) ESSE Knives
Surf training for 5 A-Frame Surf Shop
2 for 1 love and fire power connection -- Full day of tactical training for 10 hot girls, auctioning off 5 male spots for them AND 10 hot guys, auctioning 5 female spots. Civilian Arms
Ultimate kids of all ages item -- The Devastator Junior -- Rubber Band Gaitling Gun -- 96 shots in 6 seconds! Magnum Enterprises
Helicopter hog eradication adventure in West Texas Polasek Helicopter
Exquisite Freedom Arms hand crafted pistol -- a true art piece of firepower Bob Baker -- Freedom Arms
4 day Southern Ohio turkey hunt in spring 2012 (extras to come) Mountain Hollow Game Calls / Extreme Outdoor Productions
California compliant AR (and other guns) Colt
Jarrett high precision rifle Jarrett Rifles
Family security package Mike Herd
South Dakota pheasant hunt
2 Gator Hunts near Orlando, Florida (extras to come) Carl The Gator Man
KY Whitetail hunt. Choice of hunting during the archery or rifle season with wounded servicemen. Licking River Outfitters

join us

Neo Western Atmosphere. Full Spectrum Apocalyptic Attractions. Full auto sub guns, live music, robotics, pyrotechnics, pistols, rifles, canyon archery and fly casting contests, firearms/ bow and quick draw fishing rod/ and tactical giveaways.


* Media Check-In

8:00 - 9:00 AM

*Red Carpet

* Begin Day-Long Breakie/ Munchie

* Charity Greeting

* Color Guard

* Celebrity Teams

9:00 AM

* Safety Training

9:30 - 10 AM

* Team Placement

* Tournament Begins

12:00 - 2:00 PM

* 5 Star Organic
BBQ Wild
Game Dining with Vegetarian

2:00 - 4:00 PM

* continuous
clay competion

4:00 - 8:00 PM

* Cool Firewater Cocktail Party / Exotic Auction

* Hardy Delectable Hors D’oeuvres

* Dessert Bar

* Event Awards

* Cash Prizes

Call:(323) 252-8702

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